Ayoade Adoration Association™ Post IX

One of Ipswich’s most talented exports will be returning to the town next year to support his old school’s creative arts festival.

Richard Ayoade ♥, who picked up the BAFTA for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme over the weekend, will visit St Joseph’s College’s 20th Creative and Performing Arts Festival in the summer of 2015. The actor and writer spent seven years at the school when his family lived in Martlesham, and left for Cambridge University in 1995 to study law.

Michael Davey, his former English teacher at St Joseph’s, said he was an “extremely talented and esteemed” student, adding, “There was always a touch of brilliance about him.” Not only did Ayoade perform well academically but he was a member of the creative writing club and produced his own play called The Tree House, as well as being chairman of the Birkfield Society for culture and arts.

The Tree House was about “teenage angst” and followed a group of teenagers who met in a tree house to discuss their woes.
Richard Ayoade will return to Ipswich for old school’s arts festival

BAFTA winner Richard Ayoade has revealed he prefers being behind-the-scenes, because he can hide behind the camera. Richard, 36, who won the Best Male Performance in a Comedy BAFTA for his role as geek Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd one-off special last year, has also directed two films, Submarine and The Double.

“Despite the swagger, I’m not a natural frontman. I feel like I have an aptitude for it [directing] naturally in terms of demeanour and character profile,” he said. “I can't maintain eye contact with anyone, only with my wife. Film directing is fine, because it’s just having an opinion about things and I have a lot of opinions. And so, really, you give them out and that’s all there is to it.”
BAFTA winner Richard Ayoade: "I have a lot of stage fright"