Charlotte Free Wants You To Feel Bad For The Santa Barbara Shooter

Oyster #104 cover star and model Charlotte Free has posted a blog on her Tumblr that outlines her feelings towards the event, focusing not on the killer's misogyny, but on his loneliness. Using the discussion as a call for empathy, she writes, "This kid might be evil, but I don't think he was born evil. Some people are born like this, but usually evil is cultivated…and sometimes by people like you and I. This kid had never had a girlfriend and didn't have any friends. When I was in school, I always made an effort to talk to anyone who was alone, or new. I've had countless people tell me over the years 'Charlotte you are my only friend,' and 'you were the first friend I've had.'"

She continues, "I think it's extremely important to reach out to anyone who is alone, anyone who doesn't have friends. Most of the time those people are really interesting, just shy or misunderstood. I think we could all learn something from this terrible event. Please talk to that person in the corner, be a friend for someone who needs one."

It's a well-meaning message. A lot kinder than people with Elliot's entitled view of girls deserve. As most girls will attest to, there's nothing scarier than a guy who think you 'owe' him sex. You don't owe anyone shit, gals. Not a single thing. #fuckthefriendzone


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