The Greatest Summer Camp Movie Douchebags

Perhaps the most excruciating experience of growing up is being stuck in a remote summer camp, away from the comforts of home and being tormented by a bully, whether that person is a fellow camper or even a camp counselor taking advantage of a superiority complex. And if there’s one thing that the summer camp genre gets right, it’s the camp douchebag: the kind of person who, away from home, is determined to re-brand him or herself as Hot Shit by making life miserable for everyone else. As we head into summer camp season, let’s celebrate — or rather, rally against — the douchebags who have generally received their due thanks to the fantasy of cinema.

Andy, Wet Hot American Summer

Ugh, Andy. As much as his affinity for denim-on-denim is commendable, Camp Firewood’s heartthrob counselor was also the biggest jerk. But maybe that’s what makes him so damn sexy?

Gary Granger and Becky Martin-Granger, Addams Family Values

Look, I love a Thanksgiving-themed musical as much as the next guy (especially a production mounted mid-summer), but when these two lock up Wednesday in that shack and force her to watch Annie? Despicable.

Tony Perkis, Heavyweights (my fave)

Is there anyone who can play a douchebag better than Ben Stiller? (Does that, perhaps, say something?) But really, does it get any worse than a fat-shaming camp counselor?

Robbie, Dirty Dancing

There is absolutely nothing redeemable about a waiter at a Catskills resort whose two hobbies include getting women pregnant and Objectivism.

God, Jesus Camp

OK, I guess the parents and counselors in Jesus Camp are the real douchebags here, but if God existed, you’d think he’d step in after a while and say, “Hey, guys? Chill out.”

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Summer camp experiences? We don't really have them in Aus so I'll have to live through you all
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