Selena Gomez escaped to Nepal to seek mental peace!

prayin' for you obsessed haters!

Selena Gomez fled the US and went to Nepal to seek mental peace. According to the report, Selena Gomez wanted an escape and reprieve from American media. While Selena did not say why she wants to avoid the American media and why she needs mental peace, it is easy to speculate that this has something to do with the continuous reports on her personal life. Not to mention, the American media has once went as far as claimed she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.
Selena Gomez went to Nepal for a mission as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. The singer seized the chance to get away from the country and at the same time, do some good for the world.
She recently, posted several pictures on her Instagram account that would lead one to believe that she is taking steps to find that "mental peace" she was talking about. According to Sugarscape, Selena posted several pictures of her stay in the picturesque country of her dancing to local music, participating in a cultural festival, visiting a local school as well as giving them some music instruments. The local communities she visited described her as very sweet and very humble.
While in the country, Selena Gomez also sat down with famous Nepalese journalist, Bisnu Sharma for an interview. The interview was posted on his blog and Hollywood Life is reporting that the interview was quite telling for Selena's feelings. According to Hollywood Life, Selena has claimed in this particular interview that she needed to get away from the American media.  Selena's full comment states: "I am in Nepal to escape from American media. I wanted mental peace."
It was in the same country where she posted a picture of her in a skimpy yellow bikini while playing in the water happily. The picture has a caption of "I'm taking my power back." If it is true that she went away for mental peace aside from helping out as a goodwill ambassador, it is safe to say that she achieved what she is aiming for, as she really looked healthy and happy on this particular picture.