Beyonce and Jay Z Bail on Kimye Wedding, Spend Weekend in Hamptons

Looks like Beyonce and Jay Z weren't feeling Kimye's wedding. The other most talked about couple reportedly bailed on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's big day.

According to Us Weekly, Bey and Jay ditched France and Italy this weekend for the Hamptons. This comes after there was talk that he was going to actually be Kanye's best man, and she was considering attending the event too. (Vogue's Anna Wintour also declined their invitation due to a family obligation.)

Of course, there's speculation that they skipped the biggest wedding of the year because fashion designer Rachel Roy was going to be there. She's supposedly the girl behind that now infamous Jay Z and Solange Knowles elevator throwdown.

Bey made sure to post a picture of herself in bed Saturday morning to prove she wasn't at the wedding everyone was anticipating. We guess she won't be singing there either. There was talk she and Jay were getting $2 million to perform for Kimye at the wedding.

Are you surprised Beyonce and Jay Z didn't show up to Kim and Kanye's big day?