From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2: El Rey Renews Series, No Premiere Date Yet

From Dusk Till Dawn has been renewed for a season 2 as season 1 wraps up on May 20.

The series has been doing well on the cable services that it is available on–Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner Cable–as well as  a distribution deal with Netflix and Amazon, among other outlets.

“As the television landscape becomes even more crowded, it’s important for El Rey Network to have a recurring and memorable franchise that speaks to our audience and allows us to break away from the noise of all the competition,” El Rey vice chair Scott Sassa said in a statement.

“From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series is most certainly that kind of property and we are thrilled with the response from our affiliate partners, advertisers, viewers and the international community.”

The series is based on the horror film from Robert Rodriguez, who is a co-founder of El Rey and who directed four of the season 1 episodes.

This is a truly unique property and one that has really resonated for viewers,” he said in the announcement. “It has been a joy to bring these characters back to life and have the opportunity to take our storytelling to a whole new place.”

A season 2 premiere date hasn’t been announced as of yet, though it has been confirmed that it will have 13 episodes.

Star Wilmer Valderrama (Carlos Madrigal), told TooFab that the finale will include his character’s first full transformation to his demonic alter-ego.

“I wanted the entire season for them to turn me,” Valderrama said. “[Special makeup FX supervisor] Greg Nicotero is amazing. Eiza Gonzalez had the most elaborate transformation, she had a whole whole body transformation, so that was insane for her. She’d have to get in 3 hours early. If our call time was 5am she had to be there at 2.”

He also said that he’s enjoyed his turn as a bad guy after his celebrated role as Fez on “That 70′s Show.”

“It’s been a blast [playing the bad guy],” Valderrama said. “It’s been very fulfilling and very inspiring. I get to really exercise a whole different group of acting muscles. For Robert to give me the opportunity to play a character in this universe, it’s a dream come true. I also get to wear really cool-ass clothes and get to do some crazy, twisted, dark scenes.”

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i enjoyed this ridic show idec. did all 5 of you like the finale?