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Music news site picks the wrong Michelle Williams
morgan90 wrote in ohnotheydidnt

MoreToTheMusic, a Youtube music news channel, posted a news update about "Say Yes", the new Michelle Williams track featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. But they clearly didn't pay too close attention when they were picking the stock video for their post.

Just click play and wait for it.


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oh life is hard sometimes...

did jamie brewer narrate this?

The narrator's unplaceable, vaguely European accent is weirding me out

Oh god, I wasn't sure if I was imagining that. She definitely says "Villiams" at one point.

(Deleted comment)
she's got marbles in her mouth.

she's indian/south asian. it's like a mixture of modern US/british colonical english/south-asian dialect.

lmao one of these things is not like the otherrrr


Probably did it on purpose but hilarious none the less

Dude this had to have been 100% intentional.

how much did Bey pay for them to do this tho?

lmaooooooo you ain't shit for this comment

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