X-MEN DOFP Roundup: Box Office & Let's Talk about the After Credits Scene

DOFP Off To A Great Start From Thursday Night Takings

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in North America today, and analysts are now predicting a $100 million haul for Bryan Singer's movie over the four day Memorial Day weekend -- meaning that it could well wind up the most financially (and critically as it currently sits at 94% on RT) successful X-Men film yet. Whether that happens or not, there's no doubt that it's off to a great start as it took in $8.1M in 2,900 theaters last night. Days Of Future Past also opens in 100 countries today, including China and the UK/Ireland.

X-Men: Days of Future Past ends with a flashback to Ancient Egyptian times as we see a young boy building the pyramids with his mutant powers. His worshippers are all chanting "En Sabah Nur," and four horsemen look on in the background. Does this mean that the Apocalypse in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse will be a child? Nope. "The post-credit sequence is a tease into what will be the Apocalypse movie. Now the Apocalypse you see – that young boy – may not be the actor who plays the character in our movie," Kinberg explains in the video interview with IGN Movies above. "It’s a deep back story glimpse into the character, but our movie doesn’t take place in ancient Egypt and will likely not star a young boy Apocalypse."

This post is just an excuse to talk about the movie. And McBender.

Who do you wanna see in the next movie ONTD?

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