Shakira has no shame, Woodkid is rightfully offended

By now most of you have already watched Shakira's new video for the Brazil '14 World Cup, "La La La". If not, you can find it here.

However, if you are a Woodkid fan, you probably felt as if you had already seen it. Well, you are right! Remember "Iron"? Shakira did!

And even Woodkid posted a compilation of all the similar shots with the caption: I would just smile and somehow feel flattered if this really was a Shakira video and not a commercial for a massive group like Danone.



EDIT: OOOOPS, SORRY I MESSED UP THE VIDEO! I don't know where my mind was at this morning. I posted the screencap tho, so it wasn't as bad? Don't be bitching ontd, i'm a mess
Has your work ever been copied, ONTD?
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