Edge of Tomorrow reviews

First reviews for Groundhog Day in Space plus Explosions Edge of Tomorrow, a sci-fi film starring tired old white man Tom Cruise and foxy Emily Blunt.
Out on June, 6th.

FORBES: Tom Cruise's 'Edge Of Tomorrow' An Inventive Delight

Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow is a delightfully entertaining and amusing romp under the guise of a very serious science-fiction action epic. I have not read the Japanese novel the film is based on, Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill, but whether it’s uber-faithful or a loose translation, the film is a genuine inventiveness that exposes a genuine playfulness all-too-rare in conventional big-budget would-be blockbusters. And Tom Cruise once again shows why he is still one of the last quintessential movie stars, as well as one of the most reliable names for solid mainstream entertainment. Overall, this one is a corker.

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VARIETY review

Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers make surprisingly compatible bedfellows in Edge of Tomorrow, a cleverly crafted and propulsively executed sci-fi thriller in which an untrained soldier must relive the same day over and over again — expiring violently each time — until he finds a way to defeat the alien marauders that have taken Earth hostage. That our ill-prepared hero is played by Tom Cruise lends a sly if perhaps unintended layer of subtext to this smarter-than-average star vehicle, insofar as the now 51-year-old actor seems to have embraced a similar trial-and-error career strategy: testing out one man-of-action persona after another in his ongoing (some would say undying) bid for bankability. Alas, B.O. success is likely to elude him this time out, as Warners’ June 6 release feels surprisingly low on buzz and audience awareness for an f/x-heavy picture with a $175 million pricetag. International returns will have to work extra-hard to make up the difference.

That’s a shame, because this enjoyably gimmicky entertainment is not only one of Cruise’s better recent efforts, it’s also arguably the most purely pleasurable film Doug Liman has directed in the 12 years since The Bourne Identity.

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SLASHFILM: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Do Time Travel Right

There is so much to like about Doug Liman‘s Edge of Tomorrow. An adaptation of the Hiroshi Sakurazaka novel All You Need Is Kill, the film takes sci-fi elements from The Matrix, Aliens, Starship Troopers, manga and more, and wraps them all up in a rewarding time travel conceit right out of Groundhog Day. Next, it builds upon that construct in a way we’ve never seen, managing to entertain with humor, action and suspense. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt both bring a grounded, confident charisma to their roles. and Liman’s direction mixes the biggest scope imaginable with beautiful, quiet, intimate moments. The film is almost amazing.

However, a few small but distracting issues – mostly derived from the script by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez and John-Henry Butterworth - hold the film back from reaching its full potential. Still, even with those problems, Edge of Tomorrow delivers on its promise of a memorable, exciting and emotional sci-fi action film.

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A narratively ambitious sci-fi actioner, Edge of Tomorrow plays out a familiar alien invasion apocalypse drama in a way that, through repetition, allows humanity to learn from its mistakes and have a shot at surviving until another movie's monsters from outer space show up. Picking yourself up to fight another day might work for the characters, but battle fatigue eventually sets in for viewers as Doug Liman's film keeps folding back on itself time and time again. Tom Cruise and gigantic action scenes assure sizable openings internationally, but several commercial question marks hover over this expensive Warner Bros. release, including the second-tier tentpole grosses for the star's recent action outings (other than for the Mission: Impossible franchise), a title that sounds like it belongs on an old daytime soap opera and, most significantly, the extent to which audiences will tire of the let's-play-it-over-again storyline.

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Well, it's sci-fi baby: I'll see it anyway! It doesn't even sound too bad.
Reminds me a bit of Source Code - though no one in the reviews mentioned it, and I enjoyed that too.

Slay, British queen, slay.