Hercules & Love Affair back with The Feast Of The Broken Heart.

Next week, Andy Butler’s steeped-in-history leftfield disco-house concern Hercules & Love Affair will release their third album The Feast Of The Broken Heart. It’s a taut and focused piece of work, full of ridiculously propulsive and catchy anthems, and there’s not a bad song on it. If you have any love in your heart for old-school house music, you should hear it at least once. We’ve posted the video for the John Grant collab “I Try To Talk To You,” as well as first single “Do You Feel The Same?” and B-sides “Raid” and “Working Miracles.” Open up your windows and give it a shot.

01 Hercules Theme 2014
02 My Offence (feat. Krystle Warren)
03 I Try To Talk To You (feat. John Grant)
04 That's Not Me (feat. Gustaph)
05 Think (feat. Rouge Mary)
06 5.43 to Freedom (feat. Rouge Mary)
07 The Light (feat. Krystle Warren)
08 Liberty (feat. John Grant)
09 Do You Feel The Same? (feat. Gustaph)
10 The Key (feat. Rouge Mary)

The first single “Do You Feel The Same?,” as well as a couple of B-sides. The album’s only well-known guest vocalist is the former Czars frontman John Grant, whose 2013 solo album Pale Green Ghosts explored similar leftfield-dance-music textures. Grant sings on “I Try To Talk To You,” the anthemic feelings-jacked second single. And the song’s moodily lit black-and-white new video, from director David Wilson, captures two dudes in an acrobatic, sensual interpretive dance. It’s part of an ongoing biweekly music-video series from the online fashion retailer SSENSE. Check it out below.

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