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Ranking the Series: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the recent release of the second Captain America film and the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and rank the films from worst to best. To some degree I enjoy all of the films so far but some are definitely more entertaining and better made than the others. So without further ado here is how I would rank the nine films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

9. Iron Man 2 (2010)

After the surprising success of the first Iron Man everyone was highly anticipating its sequel. While there is some fun to be had here it doesn’t reach the quality that its predecessor set before. Robert Downey Jr. is great once again as Tony Stark and both Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell work well as the villains. It’s also great to see Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Don Cheadle as War Machine, although neither are given much to do. The downside is that the action scenes aren’t all that great, there are times when the film lags and there is a little too much time spent connecting it in with the Avengers.

8. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The first Thor film did something that a lot of people thought couldn’t be done – take a character like Thor and convert his world from the comics to the big screen. This sequel is a slight step down from the first film but does have some redeeming qualities. Our villain this time around, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), is extremely weak with almost none of the scenes with him working, except the action scenes. Thankfully, Tom Hiddleston returns as Loki and does a great job once again. There is also just a little too much humor thrown in when there didn’t need to be. Despite its shortcomings Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are both good in their roles once again and the action scenes are better than in the first film, especially the final battle.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America’s first venture in the present day by himself worked better than I ever thought it would. Bringing in the character of the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) makes for one of the best villains in this universe. At first this turning into a spy film was a little off putting but it ends up working out very well and makes the film all the more interesting to watch. Adding in Anthony Mackie as the Falcon was a great choice as he does a fine job and the character is extremely likeable. Almost everything works here from the storyline to the performances to the action sequences which include a long awaited badass sequence involving Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). If it wasn’t for the next film this one would surely be my number one pick.

1. The Avengers (2012)

This is the film that Marvel fans have always been wanting. Bringing together four heroes and teaming them together for one ultimate film is without a doubt the best thing that Marvel has done so far. Director Joss Whedon is able to work his magic and get some great performances from his actors, push the story along at a smooth pace and give us one of the best action sequences in any superhero film to date. There are so many fun moments that the film never lets up from start to finish. The Avengers is what future films from Marvel need to aspire to be because it gives you everything you could want out of a superhero film.

Everything else in between in the source
How would you rank the MCU ontd?
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nuclearseasonz 20th-May-2014 05:45 pm (UTC)
omggggg who cares?

why are people so obsessed with these lame buzzfeed-type lists that amount to nothing. stop listing things people and start doing something that might one day be worth listing.
violue 20th-May-2014 05:46 pm (UTC)
do you think you're on cnn.com or something
nuclearsex 20th-May-2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
who doesn't love lists tho
fromyourashes 20th-May-2014 05:49 pm (UTC)
...pretty pictures?
nashiouji 20th-May-2014 05:50 pm (UTC)
sandvich 20th-May-2014 05:55 pm (UTC)
idt anyone actually cares about the list. It's just an excuse to have another MCU post.
lunarskye 20th-May-2014 05:56 pm (UTC)
Sis...it ain't that serious. Simmer down.
zombieland 20th-May-2014 06:03 pm (UTC)
lol @ this unnecessary rage fit
blackwidow 20th-May-2014 06:30 pm (UTC)
Who peed on your cheerios this morning?
a_way_of_sin 20th-May-2014 06:42 pm (UTC)
xpirate_queenx 20th-May-2014 06:44 pm (UTC)
I read this in the voice of a whiny 14-year old.
dubiously 20th-May-2014 07:54 pm (UTC)
probs accurate
hisjulliet 21st-May-2014 12:07 am (UTC)
lol ikr
natywentz 20th-May-2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
so much anger.. lol
andres01234 20th-May-2014 07:38 pm (UTC)
you do know that ONTD is not CNN, right?
coconutoil 20th-May-2014 08:20 pm (UTC)
go3x 20th-May-2014 10:38 pm (UTC)
You seem to care a lot.

Otherwise, you wouldn't bothered typing this much rage response over an article you can easily scroll/pass over.
demonsandsongs 21st-May-2014 12:42 am (UTC)
lists = clicks = $$$$
sherlockholmes 20th-May-2014 05:45 pm (UTC)
I don't know, list. I think CAWS blew The Avengers out of the water.
rainbowaurora 20th-May-2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
me too!
stani_mnt 20th-May-2014 06:00 pm (UTC)
logan_lerman 20th-May-2014 06:02 pm (UTC)
grapeswirl 20th-May-2014 06:03 pm (UTC)
ionadelfina 20th-May-2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
chikntetrazzini 20th-May-2014 06:16 pm (UTC)
edie 20th-May-2014 06:25 pm (UTC)
hemsworth 20th-May-2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
blackwidow 20th-May-2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
I agree. I also feel like after TA2 comes out we will see that The Avengers, while a great movie is just sub-par. TWS certainly upped the ante for great Marvel films.
notoriousreign 20th-May-2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
Honestly? I think I agree. It definitely added a whole new level for the MCU.
x_girl_wonder_x 20th-May-2014 06:42 pm (UTC)
a_way_of_sin 20th-May-2014 06:43 pm (UTC)
pinkjaffa 20th-May-2014 06:45 pm (UTC)
booneral 20th-May-2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
it definitely did
jellycar 20th-May-2014 06:55 pm (UTC)
same Peggy
somnus_angel 20th-May-2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
metrobaroque 20th-May-2014 07:10 pm (UTC)
took the words right out of my mouth
onyxrose81 20th-May-2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
Yep. I think some people enjoyed The Avengers more, which is understandable but from a movie perspective, CA:TWS was certainly the better movie.
andres01234 20th-May-2014 07:39 pm (UTC)
yes, Avengers was great fun, but as a movie/story goes, Cap2 was better
loveuploud 20th-May-2014 07:51 pm (UTC)
water_water 20th-May-2014 10:00 pm (UTC)
avengers was a bit overrated tbh oop

Edited at 2014-05-20 10:01 pm (UTC)
sherlockholmes 20th-May-2014 10:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you're not lying
winter_lace 21st-May-2014 06:33 am (UTC)
Pretty much
walker_sarah 20th-May-2014 05:46 pm (UTC)
we do get these posts in 3 months a year tbh. like we really don't need anymore till gotg or avengers lbr
2morrowww 20th-May-2014 05:46 pm (UTC)
that's a good gif op
snoozeen 20th-May-2014 05:46 pm (UTC)
I would not put the avengers at number 1. lol
2morrowww 20th-May-2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
i feel like i'm the only one who actually loved iron man 2, it was an entertaining mess as far as i remember
destroyedatsea 20th-May-2014 06:40 pm (UTC)
I don't mind it at all. It wasn't the best film by far but it was still pretty damn good for a super-hero flick. If we wanna talk about bad mess, Man of Steel... ugh
2morrowww 20th-May-2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
lol man of steel at least had amy adams
i will never forgive myself for sitting through the whole of green lantern
tencrush 20th-May-2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
Me too.It's one of the ones I rewatch most often. Since CATWS, I guess it's slipped to number 4.
xpirate_queenx 20th-May-2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
The action scenes were great (though having been choreographed by Genndy Tartakovsky, it'd be impossible for them not to be), but the story was lacking. As I understand it, IM2 suffered from serious executive meddling and wasn't the story Jon Favreau intended to tell. They tried to adapt one of the most essential Iron Man stories ever written and it was ultimately boiled down to a 10-minute scene where Tony dances around and pees himself. The whole movie was too goofy, too family-friendly.

The biggest problem with it is that there were too many villains and none of them posed a threat. Tony's worst nightmare is usually himself. There's a better movie in here somewhere.
revelried 20th-May-2014 06:50 pm (UTC)
it was good ngl

I liked it a lot
amber_protocol 20th-May-2014 08:01 pm (UTC)
I liked it better than the first IM movie.
lninchy89 20th-May-2014 09:00 pm (UTC)
lol I liked it too
winter_lace 21st-May-2014 06:37 am (UTC)
I rewatched recently and I didn't mind it.
alfendi 20th-May-2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
My favorite is probably the first Iron Man lmao.
xdecadentx 20th-May-2014 05:50 pm (UTC)
I think the first Iron Man was kinda ruined for me cos I understood the message that's played at the beginning and it kinda gives you a heads up what to look for.
baptismtonight 20th-May-2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
as stand alones? i def agree Iron Man 1 was the best, and then TWS is second. But if you include the avengers then i think Avengers first, Iron Man, TWS….
demented_21 20th-May-2014 06:35 pm (UTC)
Trufax. Definitely the best Marvel-related comic book movie. It was perfect.
onyxrose81 20th-May-2014 07:19 pm (UTC)
I think the top 3 can be interchanged but IM1 was brilliant until the last act.
nashiouji 20th-May-2014 05:48 pm (UTC)
TWS > Avengers
fromyourashes 20th-May-2014 05:49 pm (UTC)
Bucky on top.
whizzingfizbee 20th-May-2014 06:55 pm (UTC)
yes plz

fromyourashes 20th-May-2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
Phoebe knows where it's at.
xdecadentx 20th-May-2014 05:49 pm (UTC)
The Winter Soldier wasn't that good.

I get that they're not supposed to be groundbreaking or anything, but still, I'm surprised how much people like some things on here.
britrawick 20th-May-2014 06:12 pm (UTC)
ehh its not just on here,that movie is well loved pretty much across the board.

It was fantastic, you are allowed to think otherwise offcourse but its not like an ONTD thing to love it, pretty much everyone loved TWS.
xdecadentx 20th-May-2014 06:20 pm (UTC)
tbh I always give it a few months on the internet. they always seem to think the new thing is AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING and then like 6 months later the more honest assessments come.
chikntetrazzini 20th-May-2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
I thought it was fantastic.

bostongirl2003 20th-May-2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
I didn't think WS was better than the first Iron Man
lexy_ 20th-May-2014 07:51 pm (UTC)
It was good, but I think a lot of people (esp on the internet) are going OTT about it. I mean, I thought TWS was better than most of the other MCU movies, but I also don't think the other MCU movies are all that amazing.
magnetic_rose92 20th-May-2014 05:51 pm (UTC)
After watching Seven Psychopaths I'm really annoyed that they wasted Sam Rockwell on that flop Iron Man 2 movie. :/

Kind of OT but who would you cast as Daredevil for the MCU, ontd? I just can't think of an actor.
maryastor 20th-May-2014 06:05 pm (UTC)
I love seven psychopaths so much
destroyedatsea 20th-May-2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
ugh has he been doing anything lately? I feel like that was the last thing he was really in. After his performance in Moon I think he's severely underutilized in everything.
tencrush 20th-May-2014 06:43 pm (UTC)
Last thing I watched him in was Better Living Through Chemistry, which was kinda cute.
tx5mym5 20th-May-2014 07:00 pm (UTC)
That's why Daredevil is the perfect role for an unknown actor.
fromyourashes 20th-May-2014 07:06 pm (UTC)
Tahmoh Penikett.
frankenshane 21st-May-2014 03:17 am (UTC)
IDEK who they should cast as Daredevil, but they should go with someone who is between the ages of 28 and 36 so that it can go on for a longer period of time if it's good. And I want it to be good because all I know is the Affleck movie (which I haven't seen since I was a kid), but I remember really loving that Matt was blind and a hardcore badass.
idontwannago55 20th-May-2014 05:51 pm (UTC)
Not a Marvel fan and I haven't seen all movies, so...

1) Captain America 2
2) Captain America
3) Thor
4) Thor 2
5) The Avengers
6) Iron Man
andres01234 20th-May-2014 07:42 pm (UTC)
2) Captain America

No, I despise how they were all "AMURIKA SAVED THE WORLD FROM HITLER!!!!!111" when actually the USA were a piece of shit during WW2
pon_pon_pink 21st-May-2014 01:04 pm (UTC)
as a non american i actually never saw it that way and i hate super patriotic movies. idk since he was fighting Hydra and the Red Skull i saw it more as them just showing that side of the story and not what was going on with the rest of the war. but it's been a while since i really watched it and paid attention so i might be wrong
_idlewild 20th-May-2014 05:51 pm (UTC)
Aww yes, Chris Evans and RDJ's butts in one gif. Perfection.
bodyline 20th-May-2014 05:52 pm (UTC)
Winter Solider
First Avenger

everything else
taleasold 20th-May-2014 06:01 pm (UTC)
depending upon the day i might switch winter solider and avengers, but other than that i agree entirely with your list.
avada_kenobi 20th-May-2014 07:41 pm (UTC)
That's my list too.

As much as I loved The Avengers, I was amazed at how much more I enjoyed CAWS. Probably the best comic book film I've ever seen.
diamond_dust06 20th-May-2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
1. Avengers
2. Iron Man 1/Cap 2
3. Cap 1
4. Thor 2
5. Thor 1
6. Iron Man 3
7. Hulk
8. Iron Man 2

Although really, everything after 3 is variable. But Avengers is definitely the best, and then IM1 and the Cap movies. I'm expecting GotG to fit in the top 4.
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