Rob Kardashian: I’m A Grown Man And Will Work On Myself When I Choose’

Rob Kardashian Tuesday lashed back at critics of his expanding waistline, making clear he’s aware he’s out-of-shape, and that he’ll choose to address the issue when he wants to. Rob, a member of arguably America’s most image-conscious family, said his weight is a personal issue he’ll choose to deal with it as he sees fit.

The paunchy 27-year-old’s close relationship with sister Khloé has been detailed on the family’s array of E! reality series, so it was no surprise to see her coming to Rob’s fierce defense.
“What shallow souls some of you are,” his newly-fit older sister tweeted to his critics. “Its sickening to critique anyone off of their appearance. Grow up! You should be ashamed of your self. “Your words are cutting deeper then you know and are possible leaving lifetime scars! Some of you people are disgusting for calling others names and picking on them.” Khloe’s defense was not unrequited, as Rob chipped in, after her tirade, “i love you @khloekardashian.”

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