Liam of Zayn&Co. is jealous of 5 seconds of summer


It would be easy to assume that Liam James Payne is jealous of nothing and nobody. After all, he looks like an ACTUAL DREAM, he's nicer than the nicest of pies, and he's a member of the biggest boyband in the world right now.

However, it seems the green eyed-monster has still managed to get its claws into El Payno of Paynis town, especially where 5 Seconds of Summer are concerned.

Speaking about the 5SOS boys and their musical ability when it comes to strumming strings or bashing bongos, Liam said: "They are f***ing great musicians.

"I am a bit jealous of them. I am working on learning to play now but I wish I had put the time in like they did when they were kids."

Well Payno, if you ever need a couple of study buddies while learning to play the drums we're more than happy to offer our services - we'd love to see you bashing one out in a corner. Ahem.

Liam added: "They are so massive right now, It's huge getting to play stadiums at their age. It couldn't happen to a nicer band."

So basically it's 1D <3 5SOS foreva, right? GOOD. PromoPremiersUK@youtube
Liam has good taste tbh