50 Cent No Show At Son's High School Graduation

A hug milestone for any teen is high school graduation, and significant others (read: parents) are usually there to support their children during such a milestone. However, 50 Cent didn't make it to see his son's receive his high school diploma. Ferrari's 16-year-old seed made sure to put his dad being AWOL on blast.

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Well, this is sad. 50 Cent's son Marquise Jackson told the world how hurt he is about his father being a no-show at his high school graduation this weekend. Check out the emotional breakdown inside...

Wow. Looks like that beef from last year between 50 Cent and his baby's mother Shaniqua never blew over. That beef resulted in 50 telling THEIR SON...by text...that he's disowning him. And lots of horrible language was aimed at Shaniqua through Marquise. 50 tried to cover up the horrific tirade by claiming Shaniqua is always playing on Marquis' phone so he "knew" he was talking to her, and not Marquis. (We're not buying that.)

Fast forward to this weekend and Marquis' high school graduation. Apparently, he was expecting pops to show up for him (just like that day that the horrible text message tirade occurred). But 50 was a no-show (just like that day of the horrible text tirade).

But he did have support from his mom, Shaniqua, his sister, family members, and his "uncle" Jim Jones who posted the below:

Jim Capo Jones
Yesterday at 10:46am ·
Me and Chrissy Lampkin in atlanta for my nephew Marquise Jackson graduation ‪#‎vampirelife‬ ‪#‎keepitup‬ proud uncle.

Ever been stood up by a loved one???