Rihanna Praises Viral Vogueing EMT Driver

Move over every single YouTube video of people singing and dancing to Pharrell Williams's "Happy," there's a new viral video in town that will put all the rest to shame.

YouTube user mastekz hv uploaded a dashboard-camera video featuring an EMT who is having the best day ever at work while driving an ambulance. He is using a walkie-talkie to chat with a friend, when the paramedic spontaneously busts out his hottest vogue moves — while driving. You should never try this yourself, as the man is seen taking both hands off the steering wheel several times. Although it was nice to see that he saved his most intense moves for when the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light.

Obviously the EMT is not dancing to Madonna's classic "Vogue." Instead, the jam that got him so amped up and triggered his ambulance performance is a mashup of Rihanna's "Pour it Up" and Juicy J's "Bandz a Make Her Dance." In this case, it seems bands make him dance as well.

Not only are fans all over YouTube loving his enthusiasm and passion for the art of vogueing, but also none other than Rihanna herself gave him a shoutout on Twitter.


Sis imma need you to not do that while driving tho.
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