Game of Thrones: Which Character Are We Supposed to Hate the Most Now?

Why you should hate her: UGH SHAE. She gets my vote! This dumb lady humped her way up from being a lowborn whore to being Tyrion's bang buddy, but she can't seem to figure out how the politics of King's Landing really work. Even though she was told numerous times that she'd be murdered if she was seen in Tyrion's bedchambers, she continually crawled through the window/slipped through a skylight in the ceiling/slinked out the drain and into the Dwarf's room because she supposedly couldn't stay away from her "little Lion." Oh yeah, and she kept calling Tyrion "little Lion." When Tyrion tried to explain the gravity of the situation, she whined about him not loving her enough. And in case that's not enough reason to hate her, she slapped Bronn when Tyrion sent her away. The nerve!

Why you should hate him: He killed a deer! And he's the puppet master behind all the Lannister power. Despite his concerns about his family's legacy, he constantly belittles his children by calling them worthless wastes of royalty. Oh, and he openly admitted to almost aborting Tyrion... after Tyrion was born. Also, what's with the constant sourpuss face? It's been five winters since this dude has even understood what "smile" means.

Why you should hate him: Despicable doesn't even begin to describe this waste of oxygen. First of all, he's Roose Bolton's son. Second of all, he's not just Roose Bolton's son, he's Roose Bolton's bastard. Meaning he's also the product of someone who would sleep with Roose Bolton. BLEH. Ramsay has a case of Joffrey-level sociopathy, and he relished the neutering of Theon Greyjoy during a torture scene that lasted a whole f'ing season. These days, he's hunting down fair maidens in the woods and letting his dogs tear them apart. The man shows no interest in anything other than cruelty, and he does so with a hint of twisted sausage-shaking humor. I love to hate this guy so much.

Why you should hate him: His face just says smug, doesn't it? And in the first episode of the season, he banged his sister and then pushed a kid out a window. Not the best way to get on our good side! Jaime's rivalry with Ned Stark led to Jaime putting a dagger in Yoren's brain via his eye hole, and for a long while there, he was painted as the least trustworthy Lannister thanks to his "Kingslayer" nickname. He also taunted Brienne so badly it made me cry. In recent seasons he's been slightly redeemed as a misunderstood man of honor, but then he went and raped his sister beneath his own son's corpse and now no one knows what to think of this clown.

Why you should hate her: The Ice Queen of Westeros is a spiteful woman who's never been happy once in her life. She sleeps with one of her brothers and hates the other one. She had Ros beaten because she thought Ros was Tyrion's whore, and she drank like an Irish sailor pledging a frat when King's Landing was under siege because she simply does not give a fuck. And she has a habit of speaking out of the side of her mouth that rubs everyone the wrong way. She's a mean one, that Cersei Lannister.