Marvel Cinematic Universe Stars Unite To Help A Cancer Patient

Avengers Assemble for a heartbreaking cause!

Sophie Caldecott in this article from May 12, 2014 explains that her father, diagnosed with cancer, wishes to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier but was unable to go to the cinema because of his illness. The DVD release will probably too late. So Caldecott tries to get Marvel to send her father a copy of the movie.

In the course of this, she asks Marvel actors for support and they promptly came! Uniting under the hashtag #capforstrat, actors like Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Cregg and more already posted their selfies as seen below. Not only to make Caldecott's wish happening but also to show their support and compassion for the fight against this dreadful desease.

UPDATE: Mission Accomplished!

This is so sweet. Apparently Christopher Markus, one of the screenwriters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is already in contact with the family and trying to help them out, best of luck to you Strat. Also, fuck cancer.