Is Marvel Getting Spider-Man Back?

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Although things are good in the ole Spidey universe, it is every fan-boys dream that the rights to titles like Spider-man, The Fantastic Four and the X-Men come back to where they belong: Marvel Studios.

Well, if you're one of them, there are murmurings in the Twitterverse that may make you happier! Max Landis, writer of Chronicle, has released the following tweet followed by an oops tweet.

What? Is this real? Or is this just Twitter prattle?

Next question is SHOULD Marvel get the rights back. My take? Not right now. I really want to see where Sony is going and I think they really have it together. They seem to be following the Marvel example of success and have a decent game plan for the upcoming Sinister Six spin-off. To top that, they have plans to make Venom a reality.

On top of that, could Marvel really juggle Spider-Man and the Avengers? Do they have enough box office bucks and time to do both great? No, I think, at best, Spidey would just get sucked into the Avenger's Juggernaut and things like the Sinister Six and Venom would go to the back burner. I like having multiple studios putting these movies out although I'd like to see SOME crossover. Sony gets it to a point. Fox...yet to be seen.

On top of it all, I think this is bogus. There's no way Sony's gonna give Spidey up without a fight!