Patton Oswalt Pissed Off A Lot Of People With His ‘Deleted Tweets’ Experiment

Earlier this week, comedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to conduct a “deleted tweet experiment”, which basically involved tweeting apologies for tweets that he never actually sent. Predictably, Twitter chaos and confusion ensued. Last night, Oswalt appeared on Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show to explain how the experiment played out, revealing that the whole thing was born from boredom and was just one massive mind game.

The tweets made people pretty angry, with some saying he had gone too far. Daily Dot called for Twitter users to unfollow Oswalt, saying “The premise of his Twitter experiments are always the same: use the platform in such a way that people who are in on the gag can congratulate themselves on their literacy, while everyone else gets offended.” But as Uproxx pointed out, there was actually nothing to be offended by, “the joke being, there was no joke.”

Whatever camp you fall into, Oswalt’s ‘experiment’ raised some serious questions: How can we be outraged by something that was never actually said? Or is the experiment a valid comment on how quickly we’re willing to condemn someone on social media?