Maleficent does People magazine, has a day out with her kids

We've been through so much. We've gotten a lot closer, which I think naturally happens with raising a family together. You have history. You have so many memories. All your memories are based on time together, so you don't have separate experiences. You have this person you live with who really knows you, and you know them so well,You're not lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend as much as you are a family

On her and Brad Pitt‘s children helping them plan their wedding: “We are discussing it with the children and how they imagine it might be. Which is verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding. They will, in a way, be the wedding planners. It’s going to be Disney or paintball – one or the other!”
"We will get married, and we're not really in a rush.We're just waiting for it to be the right time with the kids, with work, when it feels right.

On her decision to undergo a mastectomy: “I’m really happy about the choices I’ve made, and I feel even more connected to other people, especially women.”

out with kids