CBS will not tell you the story of How I Met Your Dad

One of the most glaring omissions from CBS’ fall schedule is How I Met Your Dad, the much-talked about spinoff of CBS’ long-running comedy. But CBS topper Nina Tassler told reporters Wednesday that “things on the pilot didn’t work out” and the producers can now shop it elsewhere.

The hope was to retool the comedy pilot but the producers weren’t interested in returning to the drawing table. The comedy pilot starred Greta Gerwig as Sally, who gradually reveals how she met her partner in flashback. It’s from writers/exec producers Emily Spivey and HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

“We have an extraordinary track record of retooling shows,” said Tassler, who referred to The Big Bang Theory, Numb3rs and this year’s The McCarthys — which started out last development season as a single-camera comedy and returns this fall as a multi-cam — as recent examples. “We tried to reach out and engage them about redoing the pilot, but that it’s just not happening. You run into these kinds of issues. You hope they can resolve themselves. They haven’t.

“I’m heartsick,” Tassler continued. “It wasn’t what they wanted to do.”