ABC chief Paul Lee on 'Trophy Wife': "I was sad to see it go"

When ABC canceled the critically-acclaimed "Trophy Wife" after a single season, many were upset. What does Paul Lee, the president of ABC have to say about that?

In a phone interview with reporters shortly after ABC released its full schedule for the fall of 2014, Lee addressed the issue of "Trophy Wife" and said he was "sad to see it go." He pointed out, however, that the comedy had failed to get ratings throughout its run. "We certainly gave it a load of promotion," Lee said. "In the end, I'm sorry it didn't come back."

Lee was then asked about whether or not he thought pairing "Trophy Wife" with ABC's hit, "Modern Family," would have made a difference. According to the ABC boss, the network did try that -- sort of. He pointed out that a repeat of the "Trophy Wife" Christmas episode aired together with "Modern Family" in December.

There was unfortunately no statement on why a repeat should count in that department.
The "Trophy Wife" series finale airs Tuesday, May 13 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


This flawless show :( Also I really want to know what promotion this guy is referring to because it seems like ABC was set on killing this show from the start.