It Takes Louis C.K. to Give Fat Women a Voice

The first of last night’s Louie episodes, “So Did the Fat Lady,” not only dismantles the fat-schlub-gets-hot-girl narrative seen historically throughout TV and movies, it acknowledges that this dynamic is very much alive and well in the real world. Essentially Louie asks, as compassionately as possible: if fat, middle-aged, bald, disgusting gingers like me are fucking models, who’s dating overweight women? And are they not worthy of love?

The answer is even more complicated than Louis C.K. makes it out to be, as are its implications. Last night’s show wasn’t perfect, but ultimately, the dialogue that last night’s show catalyzed among viewers — who may not have ever had these kinds of conversations before — is powerful enough to forgive the flaws in Louis’s careful execution.


That speech was on point.