Man With Impressive Chin Hopes To Eventually Pass His Genes On To A Son.

He was already dad to four daughters [Rumer Glenn 25, Scout LaRue 22, Tallulah Belle 20, & Mabel Ray 2] but even Bruce Willis was surprised when his fifth child was born — and it was another baby girl. “[We] didn’t know what we were gonna have until the baby came out,” the actor told PEOPLE at Saturday’s 21st annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles of welcoming his daughter Evelyn Penn.

And while having a new baby is “pretty cool,” having a household full of women hasn’t affected his views on who should rule the world. In general, I think women should be in charge of everything. They should be running the country,” Willis, 59, says. “Halle Berry should be president. Women are just much smarter than men.”

He adds, “Even if I had five boys, I’d still feel the same way.” Although he’s loving all the ladies in his life, the actor admits he would welcome the experience of having a son one day. “Eventually, I’d like a son. But I’m okay now,” he says.