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One Direction Mocks Harry Styles' 'Girlie' Diet
LIAM LEG dance
dib0n wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Harry Styles' One Direction bandmates mock his ''girlie'' diet.

The 20-year-old hunk is on the 'Where We Are' tour alongside Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne who find his health kick ''funny'' and are placing bets on when he'll get sick of green tea and sushi.

A source told The Daily Star newspaper: ''Alongside the normal menus, Harry has put in his own special request of one sushi meal and five cups of green tea a day.

''His pal Nick Grimshaw initially got him into it.

''But the other boys are now betting money on when he'll crack.

''They want none of the sushi and green tea, and find it funny he's asking their chefs to prepare what they consider girlie food.''

1D all eat together and to maintain some sort of routine they use the same tablecloth and napkins.

The source added: ''They all eat together at the same table - which has the same powder blue and white spotty tablecloth and napkins in every city.

''It helps give them a sense of routine and homeliness.''

One Direction ended the South American leg of their tour on May 11 in Brazil and are set to take to the stage in Dublin on May 23 as they hit Europe.


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As if these raging 'mos are in any place to judge.

Looks like Johan Asbæk or Kasper Juul from Borgen.

i'm way to tired to even pretend to be involved in this wank bait. sushi and green tea sounds like a nasty combo tho and there's way healthier food so it makes no sense - it's clearly just image

Sushi and green tea is a nasty combo...? Have you never been to a sushi restaurant orrr

you mean a real one? from japan? Because there are many types of sushi restaurants

that's like a super common combo so lol

only sushi + beer is more popular

sushi is delicious you godless heathen hooligans

(Deleted comment)
Fuck this bitch. I'm glad Arthur went Solange on her and mollywhopped her.

screaming @ went Solange on her.

Lol mollywhopped. U wrong for that sis.

is went solange what we using now?

IA. Her and that damn snowball too.

LMAO. I love that episode. DW deserved it.

Scraping the barrel for stories huh?

umm that diet doesn't sound healthy

i cannot @ him saying he was "baited" to make those comments.

bitch pls.

yes please. i just saw a picture of him crying on my dash lol. i cannot believe he's still trying to play victim.

i really can tho cuz he's a rich racist bigot and they're always the victim

Maybe he'll slip in a puddle of his crocodile tears and break a hip, the racist POS.

I feel like there havent been any good wank posts today short of the Miley and Yonce posts. Hawaii_Bombay better come through and gives us a good one to last through the night.

i bet louis lead the crusade, that queen...

I would eat sushi for every meal every day if I could..

Ikr. That doesn't sound bad at all if you ask me

same, I'd love every second of it

same tbh....gimme them cali rolls and some soy sauce and i'm good to go ;;_;;

Edited at 2014-05-13 07:07 pm (UTC)

i'm jealous of people who like sushi tbh</3

i hate fish (i only eat tuna), that's my contribution to this post

sry about ur taste

seafood >>>

excusez-moi, my taste is fab

i think i love every single variation of the tamal... valluno, tolimense, caucano, mexican... the same thing goes for empanadas/dulce de leche/dulce de guayaba

omg me too, it's so fucking disgusting starting from the smell

I hate fish too honestly.

I really hate any kind of seafood except for some shrimp

ew the smell of tuna though...

Your taste is generally great (according to those pictures) but no fish? Smh. All of our amazing Caribbean fishes...

I come from a commercial fishing family.

We are required to hate all fish.

i only like crab lobster and shrimp. the rest is disgusting literally makes me vomit. my grandma got anchovies on her half of a pizza once and i couldn't eat my half because i could smell/taste slightly the anchovies and it actually made me gag.

Edited at 2014-05-15 05:02 am (UTC)

Straight green tea is gross. I can only drink it flavored.

ya, i tried the whole drinking green tea every day thing but it was so nasty. i did raspberry flavoured for a bit after that, but ended up giving it up.

I have tried all kinds of green tea, high end, low end, and it all tastes like total crap to me.

have you tried matcha tea? it's green tea, but instead of brewing the leaves you basically consume them in powdered form. it tastes pretty different from straight green tea and i love it.

it's also 10x healthier than brewed green tea lol

I know it's healthier, but I tried it and it was WAY too intense/strong/bitter for me. I really wanted to like it though :(

ETA: Not the OP, duh :p

Edited at 2014-05-13 04:21 pm (UTC)

Matcha is great, it's the only green tea I like

There's lots of different types of green tea and they don't all taste the same tho

psht I hate flavored/sweet teas, I like mine tasting like bark, dirt and leaves pls

Japanese green teas are too grassy for me, but I like a few Chinese ones. The ones I've tried are way more mellow. My fav green tea is a blend with apricot and orange tho

lol dying at that louis gif

didn't an actor get mercury poisoning because he ate sushi every day for lunch for like years?

I think~ that was Jeremy Piven?

I thought he grew breasts after too much soy milk.

Depends on what fish you eat. If he's scarfing down the maguro (not a euphemism) then youindangergurl.gif

The table cloth detail makes them all sound deranged, lol. This all sounds incredibly true.

Why does this make them sound deranged? I totally get why they would do it. They don't get to be home a lot. So they try to bring home with them on the road.

I think the tablecloth thing is cute, why wouldn't you want some sort of consistency/reminder of home when you're touring for months at a time?

their rider was leaked and it was all pretty normal except for the napkins lol, and a special request was 'bananas, nice and yellow' def harry's request

are they all friends on this tour who's been following

niall is harry's only friend anyone who says differently is lying

so has harry turned into a douche bag or do the other guys treat him like shit

Yet the Larry people are still desperately clinging to hope. Went on tumblr and rolled my eyes quite a few times.

They're the only 2 who matter sooo

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