'Supernatural' Season 10: Misha Collins officially returning as series regular

It's official -- Cas is back!

Misha Collins will be returning to "Supernatural" next season as a series regular, The CW confirms to Zap2it. That means Season 10 will feature as much of the angelic ally to the Winchesters that fans could want.

Collins joined the long-running CW drama back in Season 4 as a recurring character, when angels were first introduced into the "Supernatural" canon. Then, he was promoted to series regular for Seasons 5 and 6, and was demoted down to special guest star for Season 7 and 8. He was bumped back up to being a series regular for the current Season 9.

Castiel's absence in Season 7 was due to the fact that after absorbing all the souls in Purgatory and declaring himself "God," the Leviathans inside him seemingly killed him, and that set free the big bad villains of the season. Season 8 featured more of the fan-favorite angel after he returned from Purgatory, but he was still in less than half of the season.