CREEPY POST: Someone Made a Trailer for "Full House" Reimagined as a Horror Film

What ever happened to predictability? It’s NOWHERE to be found in this mock trailer for a horror film, cleverly and creepily constructed using nothing but footage from saccharine sitcom Full House.

The sheer number of Full House moments that become disturbing once pulled out of context will have you rethinking your long-held position that Kimmy Gibbler was the most sinister part of the show. Maybe she was actually fighting against the evil, subversive powers next door — masked by the TGIF marketing machine — by bugging the hell out of them.

s o u r c e

edit: added a trigger warning...

The scary "Mary Poppins" trailer is way better imo. Anyway, this is an excuse for a creepy post, so share any creepy anecdotes/stories/images/etc.!