Deadmau5 Taking His Nyan Cat Ferrari On Gumball 3000 Rally


Deadmau5 drew comments of "idiot" and "shameful" when he posted photos of his Nyan Cat Ferrari 458 Spider earlier this year but they haven't stopped him from showcasing it on a bigger scale.

And it doesn't get much bigger than the Gumball 3000 motor rally, where the Canadian will take the 'Purrari', alongside 120 other supercars and celebrities, and perform on the opening day in Miami on June 4.

Florida isn't the only place he'll be attending though, also joining the star-studded, 3000-mile car party in Atlanta, New York, London and Ibiza, where the rally ends on June 12.

It might be a mammoth road trip but as long as he's in the 'Purrari', we're sure it'll resemble the registration plate - 'EPICLULZ'.


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