Goddess of Pop Mini Post

Kylie was introduced by Boy George. She thanked the LGBT community and surprised when she climbed on a table and performed an acapella rendition of CGYOOMH

Kylie performed her new single, I Was Gonna Cancel, for the first time on Sunday at the Logie Awards in Melbourne, Australia. The Pharrell produced track will be released on May 12th and will also receive a limited physical release on CD and 7″

Kylie’s dancers get ready on the set of the “I Was Gonna Cancel” Music Video!

800 lucky fans attended the event, which was sponsored by the Australian IHeartRadio, the repertoire also included songs from the album "Kiss Me Once" and old hits.

Watch it -almost- entirely here:

01. Sexercize
02. Wow
03. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
04. Slow
05. Skirt (Interlude)
06. Beautiful
07. Love At First Sight (Remix)
08. Kiss Me Once
09. I Was Gonna Cancel
10. Les Sex
11. Into The Blue
12. All The Lovers (Acoustic)

Also, Kylie has an official tumblr now, so click here and be sure you follow her!

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