Madonna's Rejected Met Gala Look? Bare Nipples and Nearly Nude!

Madonna has shocked and awed with her various Met Gala looks over the years. But this one truly would have taken the cake.

"What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So I'm gonna work on music instead?#artforfreedom," the Material Girl wrote alongside of a pic of herself wearing not much material at all.


In the photo, bandages criss-cross her fit torso, leaving her breasts (impressive, Madge!) exposed. A red "Censored" label is Photoshopped across her nipples, though you can still see plenty of nipple

Let's just say Hervé Léger founder Hervé Leroux would faint if he saw this particular bandage dress.

And yet perhaps that still might have been no less attention-getting than last year's pantsless plaid punk look paired with a Cleopatra wig, or 2009's mind-of-its-own hat on top of a look that was four years ahead of the Costume Institute's mandated punk theme.


But it's no secret that Vogue editor-in-chief and Gala host Anna Wintour likes to put her stamp of approval (if not her entire signature) on all of the looks before they go parading down the red carpet. So Madonna was really only half-joking about Wintour disapproving of her proposed bondage ensemble.

We of course can't wait to see what she/they really did come up with!