New IMAX and Character Posters for Maleficent

It might be called "Maleficent," and Angelina Jolie might be rightfully taking center stage, but that doesn't mean that there are a whole host of magical characters deserving of their own chance in the spotlight.

Along with a beautiful poster featuring Jolie's very wicked witch, with an image that will probably be familiar to anyone who has been keeping up with the film's promotional campaign, we've got posters exclusively devoted to Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty (Elle Fanning); Diaval (Sam Riley), Maleficent's confidant and shape shifter (he's the one who turns into a dragon in the trailer); Aurora's father, the shifty King Stefan (Sharlto Copley); and one devoted to the pixies, played (with some CGI-assistance) by Juno Temple, Imelda Staunton, and Lesley Manville... plus a bunch of mysterious magical creatures like that cool tree monster from the trailer and what appear to be trolls reminiscent of the musical kind from "Frozen."

Together, the posters present a wonderful glimpse of the mood and tone of "Maleficent." This is a magical and mysterious realm where fairy-tale characters aren't just the stuff of storybooks; they live and breathe and fight in elaborately choreographed battles. And it's going to be awesome.

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All hail the king, imo.