Stars Tell Us What Honor They Deserve at the IHeartRadio Awards

Backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night, we caught Shakira in her trailer, Rihanna making a grand entrance and Andy Dick in the parking lot, trying to crash the party. Since the show was making up categories for its debut broadcast — "Best Fan Army," "Instagram Award" — we asked as many stars as possible to answer the following question: If you could give yourself an award this year, what would it be for?

Ariana Grande: "Most Obsessive-Compulsive Hard Worker With the Biggest Heart."

Shakira: "The Multitasker of the Year. Being a mom, being with the boys, and writing songs, and making an album, and producing and releasing it, all at the same time. Stuff that only women can do: multitask."

L.A. Reid: "I would never give myself an award."

GRL: "Best New Artist! Or Best Video. Or Best Song. Just about anything will do."

Hilary Duff: "The Good Cook for a Two-Year-Old award. I make some wicked dinners. He loves roasted broccoli. I made a split-pea soup the other night. He likes chicken fingers that have cornflakes as the crust. We've also been doing lots of science experiments — corn starch and water mixed together and exploding cans. Even though he's two, he gets a kick out of it. I enjoy it too. The other day, I was doing pirouettes in the kitchen — he was sitting in his chair and listening to Frozen, and I started spinning. He was like, 'Wow, Mama, wow!'" (aww ok that's qt)

Juanes: "Artist of the Year." (bam! he ain't playing around)

Adam Lambert: "Most Hair Changes in One Week. Or a Chill the Fuck Out award. I think I'm in an interesting place, comparatively to where I've been — I'm just trying to have fun with everything. I was taking things a hair more seriously than I needed to —at the end of the day, it's music and it's joy."

Andy Dick: "The I'm So Fancy Award."

Jared Leto: "I've gotten far too much already."

a couple more boring ones at the source

ONTD, are you self involved? what would you award yourself for?