BGC 13: All-Stars Cast!?

Many former Bad Girls sent in tapes, were interviewed and screened but only a select few were picked to be in the All-Star house.

Filming is starting this week and find out who is in LA right now, together and taking "a break" from social media for the next two months~

Danielle Victor (BGC 8: Las Vegas)

Judi Jai (BGC 7)

Julie Ofcharsky (BGC 9: Mexico)

Sarah Oliver (BGC 11)

Jada Cacchilli (BGC 12: Chicago)

Rocky Santiago (BGC 10)

Natalie Nunn (BGC 4)

How are you going to have BGC all stars and have no Kween Kristen Kelly though? maybe she'll be a replacement... Flo's crazy ass should be a replacement.

Are you disappointed in the cast ONTD? Excited? Who should be the replacements? Don't care anymore because you're ~grown~?

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