biebs' dad is introducing him to violent criminals


Justin Bieber proudly poses next to a career criminal charged more than 30 times in seven years for crimes involving drugs, robbery and violence - who was introduced to him by his jailbird dad.

Renowned thug John Paul Atchison,39, has the picture posted on his Facebook page, with the message, ‘you really are a pymp (sic) Justin Love ya lots’ written beside it.

His Facebook profile is a shot of him and the superstar’s dad Jeremy, who in turn has a Twitter photo of the two of them posing at the $850,000 ranch Justin bought for him, taken in March.

Sources close to the Bieber camp claim Jeremy is currently trying to bring his close friend – from Justin’s hometown of Stratford - into the superstar’s inner circle.

It has even been suggested that Jeremy took Justin to the local jail to see his criminal pal – known locally as JP - back in February.

When MailOnline visited Stratford Court house, the clerk immediately knew Atchison by name and said she would not be able to provide details of all of his convictions because it would take too long.

Canadian authorities only retain criminal records for seven years, but Atchison still had 33 charges against his name in that period of time.

They include possession of crystal meth, robbery, assault with a weapon and a huge number of parole violations.

The fact that Jeremy hangs out with Atchison and allows him to spend time with his superstar son will add to the intense fear that he is a terrible role model.

A source close to the Bieber camp told MailOnline: ‘Jeremy has got a very dubious past and has spent time with a lot of very unpleasant people, but Justin’s fame has given him the chance to move away from all of that.

‘For some reason though, he is not prepared to turn his back on these characters. In fact he seems to enjoy having them in his life.

'The fact he put a picture of him and JP up on Twitter for all of his 2.2million followers to see proves that.

‘That is his decision, but that doesn’t mean he should be bringing them around Justin. His image has taken enough of a bashing in the last year and he really does not need to be associating with people like JP.

‘He is a complete loser, with a serious drug problem and a violent past. What kind of father would allow their child to spend time with a person like that?

‘Even if Justin was just a regular kid, it would be stupid to bring JP around your child, but considering Justin is in the public eye, it makes it even more ridiculous.

‘And you have to question Jeremy’s decision to bring JP up to his ranch. Not only is it owned by Justin, Jeremy’s two youngest children live there too.

‘This guy has got several convictions for crystal meth possession and violence. That says it all really and would make anyone question Jeremy’s responsibility as a father.’

Justin and Jeremy’s relationship has come under intense scrutiny in recent months, with many accusing the convicted criminal of being a bad influence and a scrounger.

Jeremy has apparently never held down a regular job, but he lives in an $850,000 ranch bought for him by his multi-millionaire son. He has also allegedly boasted that he is given a $50,000 a month allowance by his son.