Sheree Whitfield (Probably) Returning to RHOA As Kenya's Friend

I told y’all back when Sheree appeared alongside Kim on Watch What Happens Live,  that would not be the last we see of her on BRAVO. I actually took it a step further and predicted that she would be returning to RHOA. Then, when I was at Kandi’s wedding and saw Sheree sitting across the way from me, I thought to myself “ohh yea chile, she’s definitely coming back.” By the end of Kandi’s wedding night, Sheree was filming full on scenes with Derek J and Lawrence. I knew then, she is definitely coming back, and they are going to use Kandi’s wedding show, probably Kim’s show, and the current casting climate to bring her back.

Quiet as its kept, Sheree’s return to RHOA would actually be a good thing in my book. It would spice things up on what has become a rather redundant show. With Kenya having no friends, and Sheree & Kenya having Lawrence in common, it would be a very easy sell to the viewers to integrate Sheree back into the fold as Kenya’s new friend.

Pay close attention because now i’m about to hip y’all to some private conversation. It was once said that with the salary caps and the show’s overall budget, Sheree could never come back, because she once upon a time was making a pretty penny and is  fully aware of what kind of money the girls are making. The logical thought was, since she’s gone, let her stay gone, and a new person can be brought in for next to nothing. Well word on the street is that Sheree let it be known that she will return for next to nothing. She has zero expectation of getting paid anything close to what she was once making. I guess mama figured, “a lil bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.” All jokes aside, I would like to see things shaken up a little. Bring Sheree back!

On another note, Sheree and I had a bit of a reconciliation at Kandi’s wedding. I was walking to the bar (of course), and as I walked past Sheree, she looked at me and said “Funky Dineva how are you, its a joyous occasion…” I felt like that was her way of burying the hatchet. With all sincerity I grab her hand, looked her in the eye and said “I really want to apologize for any turmoil I may have caused you, seriously”. She replied ” and I would like to apologize to you too”. We then shook hands and went our merry ways. This entertainment stuff should be all fun & games, but sometimes things become a little too personal. At the very end of the day, I never want to carry the weight of causing someone TRUE  heartache and strife. So with that, I apologized…

Now I will say this, if and when the time comes, The Doll will be returning to Chatuea Sheree for an update on what the hell is going on. Until then, y’all be good….