Aaron Paul crushes on Ellie Goulding: 'I am so happy you found your incredible calling"


They've long held an admiration society for each other but now Aaron Paul and Ellie Goulding have taken their fan crush, or fangirling, to a whole different level with the posting of a new selfie of the duo.

In the Instagram pic, which they both posted to their respective followers, Aaron is seen giving out a major war cry, while Ellie hangs off his side with a huge wide-open smile.

In the OTT message he posted with the photo he declared: 'I am so happy that you found your incredible calling and we are all here to witness it'.

34-year-old Aaron can't contain his effusive gushing about the 27-year-old Brit pop singer going on to call her a 'legend', a 'badass' and a 'sweet angel'.

'So this just happened in my beautiful home town of Boise Idaho,' he began in his rambling message. 'Thank you @elliegoulding for being such a badass. You are a legend my beautiful friend.

'I am so happy you found your incredible calling and that we are all here to witness it,' Aaron posted before then moving on to include his wife Lauren in the message, presumably so she doesn't feel too left out in the great love-in between himself and Ellie.

'We missed you my sweet angel of a babe @laurenpaul8 but I know I speak for Ellie and myself when I say thank you for changing the world in the most incredible way.

That wasn't the end of Aaron's musings on his big night out in Boise, Idaho though.

'Ellie let's talk tomorrow about some shit and Lauren let's hangout tomorrow and kiss a little bit on a park bench. Goodnight people. Life is beautiful,' he concluded.

Ellie then posted the same photo to her followers declaring: 'I have the bestest friends @glassofwhiskey We all missed you @laurenpaul8. Thank you Boise for a wonderful night of mentalness.'