Skins UK back as an online drama?

Skins, E4’s cult teenage drama, could be returning soon as an online drama, can exclusively reveal.

Creator Bryan Elsley is in talks over the creation of a new series charting the lives of a fourth generation of party loving teens, a year after the final episode aired on E4.

Discussions are under way with a number of parties,“ Elsley told in an exclusive interview at the Series Mania drama festival in Paris.

Elsley confirmed that if Skins did return it would have an entirely new cast but would continue to involve young people in its creation.

Any reimagining of Skins would be from the ground up, a reimagining of the whole thing .Today’s youth are very different from what they were when Skins started."

Confirming that the show’s original broadcaster Channel 4 would not be involved, Elsley said, “The thing about the modern world now is that the future is neither film nor television series, not platform, nor not platforms. It is about collaboration, co-production and the internet. Somehow that equation has got to be worked out and I think it will be worked out quite quickly. Whether it will be worked out in time for Skins I don’t know."

He was unable to say which production companies are involved in the new Skins project, or whether it would involve the production company Balloon Entertainment which he runs with comedian Harry Enfield (aka the Stonems's father).

However he did confirm that while the nature of the new collaboration still needs to be worked out he would no longer be taking day to day charge of the production.

“I have said goodbye to being the showrunner of Skins but discussions are under way with a number of parties.”

Skins, which Elsley created and wrote with his own teenage son, Jamie Brittain, finished its run last year after six years and three generations of characters.

When it burst onto the TV landscape in 2007, it made a star of a range of performers including Nicholas Hoult who played the manipulative Tony Stonem as well as actors Dev Patel and Kaya Scodelario among others.

The show has continued to run an online magazine in a bid to stay in touch with its fans.


I'm not sure how I feel about this news since the show was a platform for a lot of actors, directors and writers but the Brittain/Elsley managed to destroy their own show with those last two seasons.

Let's be real this is just an excuse to get some more writing work for his kids ;)