Artie Lange Fired From DirecTV and Radio Show

Fresh off a hospital stay that put him out of commission for two weeks, Artie Lange just broke the news that the DirecTV show that bears his name has been cancelled. Lange stated the three year contract he had for the show ended in 5 months. However he and his staff were all thrown for a curve ball when DirecTV decided that his show tonight would be its last.

Lange spent the rest of the show joking with his staff about the news and and cracking on things like how quickly DirecTV will dismantle the studio and fielding calls of disbelief from his fans and having the show’s final guest, Chris DeStefano.

The Artie Lange Show rose from the ashes of The Nick And Artie Show with Lange and his co-host Nick DiPaolo teaming up after Lange’s well-publicized departure from The Howard Stern Show.


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