Buzzfeed ranks the 27 (5) best solo Spice Girls songs

27. “Let Your Head Go”, Victoria Beckham.

Best lyric: “Let your head go / Shake your body free / Cos tonight the beat’s gonna get you / Let your head go / Baby trip for me”.

22. “I Want You Back”, Melanie B ft. Missy Elliott.

Best lyric: “I think I want you back / Your love has made a deep impact / I know it might sound wack / But damn I think I want you back”.

8. “Never Be The Same Again”, Melanie C ft Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes.

Best lyric: “I thought that we would just be friends / Things will never be the same again / It’s just the beginning it’s not the end / Things will never be the same again”.

7. “Mi Chico Latino”, Geri Halliwell.

Best lyric: “Take me back to my sweet lavida / Find my love my dolce vita / Show me where i need to go / Donde esta mi chico latino”.

6. “What Took You So Long”, Emma Bunton.

Best lyric: “What took you so long? / What took you all night? / What took you forever to see I’m right? / You know, I treat you so good / I make you feel fine / You know, I’ll never give it up this time”.

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