'Veep': Selina Visits 'Kindergarten for Cyber-Brats'

"A porn parody is a sure sign that you’ve officially made it" – Craig, Clovis CEO

It was Selina Meyer versus the internet in this week’s episode of Veep, and nobody really won. Between the launch of MeetMeyer.com and the veep’s visit to Google-wannabe Clovis, stodgy D.C. politics met the Peter Pan mentality of Silicon Valley. (Just not Silicon Valley, though, now that we mention it, this would’ve been a great crossover opportunity for HBO).

It turns out that the veep’s official website has inspired parodies of the lame-pun (Meat Meyer, where the veep is literally a piece of meat) and pornographic kind (Meating Meyer, which is sort of self-explanatory) – this is the internet, after all. And then the Meyer staff discovered that the "post-tax" Clovis wasn't exactly enthused to be meeting the vice president, and vice-versa (Selina wanted to take them back to dial-up, if you know what she's saying). On top of everything, Jonah finally scored himself a viral hit for Ryantology, at the expense of the Meyer team, whose day-to-fuck up ratio is one-to-one (according to Jonah, at least). Welcome to the digital age, Selina.

Through all of it, Amy and Dan were still battling it out to be the veep's campaign manager, and Mike was still worried about money (although, what could he really do with $500,000?) And, of course, Jonah continued to be a plague on the earth.

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