Cesar Millan Says That Killing the Pit Bull Breed is Genocide

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World renowned dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, says that the humans are committing genocide against the pit bull breed of dogs. “Our ignorance level is growing way too out of proportion, to the point that we believe that getting rid of a breed is a solution,” said Milan. “Genocide. It’s a genocide,” he added.

On April 18, National Geographic’s “Nat Geo Wild” will be presenting the television special “Love My Pit Bull,” where Millan examines the ways that the human species has failed pit bulls and dogs who resemble pit bulls. Some of the areas that will be addressed in the show will be dog fighting, widespread neglect and abuse, laws restricting ownership, media sensationalism, and euthanasia.

Too many people claim to say that they love animals, yet they eat, and wear the skins of some animals, and have others euthanized because they are inconvenient, or are no longer useful to them. Unfortunately, pit bulls fall into the inconvenient category as many have become aggressive as a result of unscrupulous breeders and irresponsible owners. Pit bulls often attract the kind of dog owners who are only interested in these dogs for fighting or protection. “We say we love dogs. We can’t just say we love certain kinds of dogs. Otherwise, let’s just say we love some dogs. Let’s not say we are a nation of dog lovers,” said Millan.

Pit bulls by nature are not aggressive dogs, and can make ideal family companions if raised in a loving home. Any dog that is treated with cruelty, and trained to be aggressive can become a danger to society. Millan says that “[i]t is not just pit bulls who behave aggressive. It’s Chihuahuas who behave aggressive. It’s Dalmatians who behave aggressive. So what I’m saying is aggression is a state of mind not a breed.”

Even if the breed is eliminated, people who train these dogs to become aggressive will just move on to another breed of dog. “We take responsibility. We no longer blame the elephant and the shark and the tiger, and in this case, the dog. We humans have to take responsibility for how we influence instability, how we create instability,” said Millan. “The most dangerous thing on the planet is an ignorant humankind,” said Millan.