The JLaw madness continues

She is used to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood execs, dressed to perfection in couture. How refreshing then, for Jennifer Lawrence to find herself at a house party in Dulwich, South London, on Thursday night dressed down in flats and a hoodie.

She was of course the guest of her British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, who has been accompanying her around over the last few days in the British capital.

Trying to go incognito, the 23-year-old Hollywood actress covered up with a heather grey zip-up, even pulling the hood - that seemed to have been spilled on - over her make-up free face. With her sweatshirt, the Oscar-winning star donned a light grey shirt and black harem pants which she tucked into blue boots. The American Hustle star was accompanied by her boyfriend Nicholas, who made sure to keep a protective hand on her. The scruffy-faced English actor was more dressed up than his counterpart, wearing a charcoal blouse, slim-fit jeans, brown dress shoes and an olive jacket.


Same night as the bird-flipping incident, but later. I'm no JLaw fan but let the girl be, already.