Jimmy Jam Teases “Exciting” Janet Jackson News


Is Janet Jackson plotting a chart comeback?

It perhaps seems so if a quote from her longtime producer Jimmy Jam is anything to go by.

Six years have passed since the Queen of Pop released her last studio album ‘Discipline’, with the time between bringing with it movies and tours – yet no no music (sans ‘Nothing’ from the ‘Why Did We Get Married Too’ soundtrack).

Still, murmurs about a new album have been gaining momentum in recent months.

Today should see that trajectory continue, for Jam (who together with Terry Lewis produced many of Jackson’s iconic hits) took to Twitter to tease “exciting” news:

Having seen Janet’s ‘Number Ones’ tour, it’s clear she still has “it” in abundance. What’s more, ‘Discipline’ was a wholly enjoyable LP, and packed enough “current” and “classic” to have appeased both fans and the casual listener. Here’s hoping, then, that Miss Jackson is indeed cooking up the comeback we’ve all been waiting for. The coast feels oh so clear, so fingers crossed that she strikes sooner rather than later.

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