Kids from horror films: where the hell are they now?

"The good news is, you're going to be star in a movie! The bad news is, the movie is so terrifying that you're not allowed to watch it for a decade."

This must have been, pretty much, the conversation all of these child actors had with their parents. But star in them they did and each of them did an incredible job of scaring the sweet bejeezus out of us.

Join us as we find out where the horror film kids of yesteryear are these days.


In The Sixth Sense, Pay It Forward and A.I., Haley Joel Osment demonstrated a dynamic range of acting well beyond his years. Unfortunately, when puberty struck, he fell from favour, his only moment of note in the last last decade being when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, in 2006. However, things appear to be well and truly on the up. In January he appeared in The Spoils of Babylon a comedy miniseries starring Tobey Maguire, Kristen Wiig, Tim Robbins, Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Michael Sheen, and Will Ferrell. He also appears in the upcoming film Tusk, a Kevin Smith horror about a walrus. Yeah, we did the same perplexed face you're doing now.


Ready for a pun? Daveigh hasn't had to... chase... work since her unnecessarily terrifying stint as Samara. She played, you may remember, Samantha Darko in Donnie Darko a year prior to The Ring and reprised that role as the central character in S.Darko, seven years after it. On top of that she's been the voice of Lilo for various Lilo & Stitch movies and games, was in Beethoven's Fifth, CSI, Without A Trace, ER and, interestingly, had a credit in the 2005 sequel to The Ring because of the use of archive footage from the first movie. Kelly Stables, however, performed all of the new footage. She has three movies penciled in for 2014 release. Terribly photogenic she is too. Her Tumblr is right here.


Linda was selected from a field of 600 for the role of Regan and went on to be nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one, for the part. She reprised her role in Exorcist II: The Heretic four years after the first instalment. TV movies followed before a much-publicised run in with the law and narcotics charges. "After that" she once said "my career went down faster than the Titanic."

The 1980s saw a career salvaging job, with Linda landing roles in a number of successful low-budget horror and exploitation films, including Hell Night (1981) and Savage Streets (1984). A raft of comedies followed including Exorcist send-up Repossessed in 1990 and she cameoed in Scream (1996). In 1997, she appeared in a Broadway revival of Grease and in the same year appeared in a documentary for Channel 4 in the UK entitled "Didn't You Use to be Satan?", which served as a biography of her life to that point. She's even started her own charity, the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation in order to help abused and neglected animals.


These two pretty much wrote the book on how to be a terrifying child - a book almost all other horror movies have followed to the letter: Stand, stare, talk monotonically. Post-Shining neither of them acted again with Lisa (left in the movie scene, right in the red cardigan) studying literature at university and Louise becoming a microbiologist. The image on the right was taken when they were guests at the British Film Institute, in January. Why not relive the horror they bought to the world, back in 1980, right here?


Danny only had one more role after The Shining, his appearance as 'Young Liddy' in the 1982 made-for-TV movie, Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. Apparently he landed the role of Danny Torrance thanks to his ability to maintain concentration for extended periods. In the DVD commentary it's stated that Kubrick was able to film all of Lloyd's scenes without the six-year-old actor realising he was in a horror movie. Rather wonderfully it was Danny's idea to have his character move his finger when he spoke. He tried to keep acting but missed out on roles and, after being a pig farmer, became professor of biology at a community college in Elizabethtown, Kentucky in 2007. He has since moved on to teach in Missouri.

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