Blind Gossip: "The New Feud"

This C-list reality star tends to make a living on her feuds. There's always someone to have beef with, and for the most part it's harmless and keeps her employed. Except this time she's going to war with this former B-list mostly movie actress, turned C-list crazy person, and she doesn't quite know who she's dealing with.

What's their feud about? This B-list rapper/actor. The actress is still bitter over their break up, and wondered who he had rebounded with so quickly, because while she was trying to win him back he would text her about this new woman being the 'best he ever had.' Of course he was banging the c-list reality star, and she's always been coy about it. During one of their fights, the reality star unloaded every detail about the hook up to the actress, including some not so nice things the rapper had to say. The actress at that point has made it her mission to ruin the reality star. Because she is insane.

Sleep with one eye open, girl.


Allegedly this is Vivica Fox, Brandi Glanville and 50 Cent. The feud will be aired on "Celebrity Apprentice"!