HBO Perfectly Captures Awkwardness Of Watching Sex Scenes With Your Parents In New HBO Go Ads

There you are, watching "True Detective" when a pair of handcuffs comes out, as you turn in horror and realize your parents are sitting next to you. The room becomes deathly, uncomfortably silent as Woody Harrelson and Alexandra Daddario indulge in their various kinks, while you pray for the scene to end. Yes, watching sex scenes with your parents is hugely awkward, and odds are if you're watching any of the hit HBO shows—"Game Of Thrones" and "Girls" particularly—the risk of nudity, groaning and lots of skin runs pretty high. But the cable network has a solution for you.

They've dropped a pretty amusing series of ads about the virtues of using their HBO Go service—no more awkward sex scene encounters with parents. Granted, this is provided the service works and doesn't crash during season premieres/finales as it has a couple of times this year, but that aside, this is pretty funny stuff. Each spot riffs on a particular show—"Girls," "True Detective," "Games Of Thrones," "True Blood" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" get shouted out—and does a nice job painting a picture of true discomfort. Nicely done.