'Ray Donovan' Season 2 News: Ray's New Clientele to Include a Self-Help Guru?

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Ray's new clientele will include a self-help guru, portrayed by Eion Bailey, in season 2 of Ray Donovan.

Bailey is the second new client of Ray's that has been revealed for season 2. The other prestigious client Ray is going to covet is Omar J. Dorsey, will be playing the part of Cookie Brown, a powerful music business entrepreneur, who was very recently serving time in prison.

While Ray's get himself some good business there will be a whole bunch of new cast members who will be creating trouble for him in season 2.

General Hospital's Andrea Bogart is set to star as Megan, the wife of FBI agent Thomas Volchek (Kip Pardue)

Pardue, who plays the part of Volchek also comes on board with season 2 of the Showtime series. Volchek is an FBI agent working under the chief of the Los Angeles division, James Cochran. Hank Azaria will portray Cochran. Both Purdue and Azaria will have recurring roles throughout the season. It was previously reported that Azaria's character will cause problems for Ray (Liev Schrieber) on the show, and it seems like the addition of Pardue will spell double trouble for the fixer.

Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) will be guest-starring as Azaria's wife on the series.

Then there are some guest stars who won't be complicating affairs for Ray.

The Wire's Wendell Pierce will also be coming on board as Mr. Keith, a parole officer on the show. Though Pierce's character's circumstances will be pretty abysmal, and instead of posing a threat to Ray, he will be actually taking some help from him.

Vinessa Shaw is also joining the cast as a Pulitzer award-winning Boston Globe journalist who is working on a book about Sully (James Woods) and the circumstances surrounding his death. Shaw's character might create trouble for Ray as she digs deeper while investigating.

The second season will premiere on July 13.

Ray Donovan airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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I have yet to finish season 1 but I'll probably be watching Eion's episodes.