Guess who I met last night?!

Last night I attended a Dwayne Gretzky concert in Toronto with my friends from Michigan.  I was there for three reasons, chilling with my friends, rocking out to 90's tunes, and offering the band members free tickets to my Toronto Fringe show.  Once we got there, we noticed a familiar face in front of us in line!  So I SHAMELESSLY had to ask for a picture with him!

It's JUSTIN CHATWIN!  Aka Jimmy/Steve from Shameless!

He was there with David Reale (aka Glen Coco) or "Canadian Dave" from Skins US.  Justin was incredibly nice, and had a great sense of humour too.  He said to my friends and I "once we get inside, we can do a whole photo shoot."  Unfortunately my friends camera was acting up.  So while I struggled to take a picture, he was whispering to her "fire your camera man".   He also told her "you're so tiny, I just want to pick you up".

With another friend of mine, he grabbed her camera and then took a selfie, and said "okay, that will be $5 for a selfie."  He was very down to earth and funny!  I didn't get a picture with him then, as David said they had to go.  At that time, I was busy trying to figure out something other than Skins US that I recognized David from so I could ask for a picture with him as well.

Later when walking with my friend to the bar to get water, we ran into him again.  He waved me over, and asked me what I wanted.  I said a picture, and he said sure!  I introduced myself and he said "Adam, I'm Justin".  Trying not to be the ultimate bother, I thanked him, and we ran off to enjoy the rest of the concert after that!  I later experienced a random 6 foot tall man attempting to jump on my shoulders, and I was not upset when he fell off.

Source: Moi!