LA Street Artist Paints Mural Of Kanye West Depicted As Jesus Crucified

To celebrate Good Friday 2014, an unknown street artist has decided to honor Kanye West in arguably the most sacrilegious way possible. A mural depicting the rapper as Jesus on the cross has just been spotted in Los Angeles.

There is not a signature or tag where the artist credits themself but the piece was however named "The New Messiah?" Whether it is intended to be sarcasm is anyone's guess.

This isn't Kanye's first controversial association with religion (nor will it likely be his last). His monumental debut album The College Dropout featured the song "Jesus Walks," which touched on the rapper's battle to keep things successful while being sanctified.

His most recent studio album seemingly abandoned the fear of God, as it was named Yeezus. The album's spectacle ("I'm a God") eventually spawned a religion in his honor titled Yeezianity. No word if the cult followers has since backslid from their pulpit.

ok, someone own up